Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Governor Gas Bag

Get ready for a new round of demagoguery from Rod Blagojevich on gas.

He was busy demogogueing on stem cells and his Republican opponent beat him to the punch Monday on expressing concern for rising gas prices. That led to this funny spot of film at the end of CBS-2 Chicago's report yesterday where Rod turned mute when asked about gas prices.

He wasn't mute four years ago when he had two press conferences complaining that Illinois Governor George Ryan and state Attorney General Jim Ryan were to blame when gas prices went to nearly $2 a gallon. Rod was a congressman at the time and he did not blame President Bush or the federal government. He said the Ryans were:

…sitting idly by in allowing Big Oil to make big profits at our expense.

Now that he's governor and Lisa Madigan is attorney general, it's the federal government's fault! But, hey Rod, gas is now more than $3 a gallon and you said four years ago you were going to do more to keep prices down.
Look for Rod to cook up a new initiative that blames George W. Bush. I hope the news media asks him about his statements four years ago.

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