Thursday, April 13, 2006

Science > Allah

Free Will, written by Aaron, a former southern Illinoisan living in NY State, thinks it's time to send Iran a message.

We don't have to go into Iran. We don't have to change their regime. It is, however, time to get a carrier battle group or three ready to smash all their toys, from nuclear facilities to barracks to warships to the shrine they put the yellowcake vial in and Ahmadinejad's first apartment, to show the Islamist fascists that if they try to impose their will on the West, we will simply dismantle their power, because science is greater than Allah, and that the way for the good people trapped in evil societies to avoid losing in it is to join the fight, just as those under fascist occupation had to do sixty years ago.

By the way, when on Aaron's site, type "Governor Corruptevich" in his search engine and you are in for some of the best writing on Illinois' Public Official A.

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