Monday, April 17, 2006

Verdict bad news for Rod

The immediate speculation of the media seems mixed on whether the George Ryan jury hurts Judy Baar Topinka or Rod Blagojevich most.

I think they are misreading this badly.

As Eric Krol points out today in an article that quotes yours truly, the George Ryan damage to the GOP peaked years ago. Not it's Rod who is under multiple federal investigations and the last thing the public wants is George Ryan II.

And this frees up Pat Collins and other personnel to move forward on those investigations.

Don't underestimate the extra confidence this will give Patrick Fitzgerald's office to pursue circumstantial cases of corruption. Bad, bad news for Rod.

UPDATE: The Trib just said this in an editorial:
Twelve conscientious jurors weighed the evidence and declared Ryan a criminal. Corruption is his epitaph. Who's next?

UPDATE:  RCP agrees

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