Tuesday, May 2, 2006

The great cherry picker


I used to watch Hardball. I liked Chris Matthews' enthusiasm and his insider politico-speak. But I've largely given up on him because he's lost his mind.

If you stay away for weeks, or even months, you don't miss much. I caught his act for a few minutes tonight and it was yet another "special report" rehashing the decision to go to war in Iraq.

He gets himself all frothed up on these special reports when he talks about some bit of intelligence that said Saddam Hussein didn't have nuclear capabilities, or makes reference to an analyst who had "doubts" about something.

Matthews continues to run up the same flag pole again and again and he sounds as if he believes he's actually going to scale it.  He never even makes it half way up. Tonight was no different.

MATTHEWS: And were they basing that upon on a clear, open-eyed look at the evidence available to them, or were they cherry-picking?

He uses the phrase "cherry picking" about 100 times a month. Of course his guest list is the ultimate cherry pick, consisting of the same crew of lefties in the CIA and administration critics.

His whole war/CIA schtick was waning a few months ago. Matthews or somebody must have talked to David Shuster, the MSNBC correspondent who does the lead-in pieces for Matthews, and told him to pump up the partisanship. Shuster has started making Howard Dean look sane.

His reports are fine for commentary but he's passing them off as news as Matthews seriously plays off the rhetoric. In recent weeks Shuster has made several whopping mistakes -- all attacking President Bush. Anyone who watches Shuster or reads his transcripts will be astounded. He's like Chris Matthews pet circus monkey. I guess when your ratings aren't that high, you just turn up the volume.

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