Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Rod is morphing into George Ryan


The irony of the 2002 campaign for Governor was that Rod Blagojevich was much more like George Ryan than Jim Ryan, even though Jim Ryan lost the election because of the damage inflicted on the Republican Party by George.

Four years later, the truth is finally emerging. Rod's corruption scandals are eerily evoking the ghosts of George Ryan:

Both George and Rod have been called "Public Official A" by Patrick Fitzgerald.

Both George and Rod hid behind their Inspector General.

Both George and Rod used taxpayer-funded lawyers to shield their administrations from federal investigations.

Both George and Rod threw scapegoats under the bus to hide wider corruption in their offices.

And, now, Rod, just like George, has his "clout list."

        The Sun-Times' blockbuster story this morning will turn the heat up on Rod to explain why a guy who was going to "change the way we do business in Springfield" has so closely followed the George Ryan playbook.

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