Sunday, June 11, 2006

Another liberal media hoax?

Although a lot of facts remain to be cemented, there is a growing buzz in the conservative blogosphere that the Haditha "massacre" might be, at least in part, a phony story. Time has already issued corrections and some of the witness accounts don't add up.

The sum and substance of this thumbnail sketch on the Haditha claims is that it follows so closely the template for the TANG (Texas Air National Guard) and Plame stories. Take a reporter with an anti-Administration agenda, an interested group (think of the Mashhadanis as the VIPS in the Plame case or Burkett and Lucy Ramirez in the TANG case) and a story too good to be checked and circumstances where the people attacked are limited in what they can quickly respond to and you get a story which smells to me like it will soon be unraveled.

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