Thursday, June 15, 2006

Shredders and interns and Tony, oh my!


Rod Blagojevich just announced a keep cool summer program. Maybe his handlers believe the whir of 109 shredders will blanket the state with cool air.

In case you missed the shredder story, the Auditor General said important employees' information such as social security numbers were found lying in a dumpster for any identity thief to pick up. The administration's response: Let's buy 109 shredders for $550,000. As Bill Brady correctly points out, how about bidding them first before declaring the price. Oh, wait, I forgot, this administration doesn't believe in competitive bidding.

The bigger question is how Patrick Fitzgerald will take the news that an administration under nine separate state and federal investigations is purchasing 109 shredders?

Also today, the Tribune shows again that Tony Rezko is a much more hands-on governor than Rod. And just in: Rod's former chief of security has been suspended for, among other things, taking a 22-year-old intern to Chicago for a fake government meeting.

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