Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Sun-Times dishonors our troops


The Sun-Times has made an egregious error that I hope it corrects soon. The paper ran a Higgins cartoon yesterday that purports to show a bunch of dead Iraqi civilians laying on the ground shot dead execution style, presumably by U.S. soldiers.

The reference is to Haditha, where the military is investigating claims of soldiers unjustly shooting civilians after terrorists killed a soldier. Despite the glee that much of the anti-war media has displayed in breathlessly reporting this alleged atrocity, the facts are still largely unknown. Until then, we ought to give our brave U.S. soldiers at least the same presumption of innocence we give common criminals whose causes are often championed in newspapers when there is even a hint of a false accusation against them.

Higgins, meanwhile, drew an image taken from a photograph that ran in the London Times. The Times has profusely apologized for connecting the photograph to the Haditha investigation. Why? Because it is actually a photo of the terrorist execution of 19 Shiite fisherman who were rounded up, lined against a wall, and shot. Blogger Michelle Malkin has been all over this story.

So the Sun-Times just used an image of a terrorist atrocity to smear our own troops.

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