Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Blagojevich's IG scam continues

The last remaining rhetorical firewall protecting Rod Blagojevich from the flames of his own corruption is the Inspector General's office, as we've pointed out before.

Blagojevich was trying his best to keep the wall from collapsing this evening with yet another insistence to the Associated Press that his Inspector General is doing great things but we can't tell you what they are.

"I like what we're doing, and I like the fact that we have an inspector general," he said. "We are fearless. We don't care whether that inspector general finds wrongdoing from someone that we hire."
When probed on specifics, he clammed up.

Blagojevich said state law bars him from disclosing any of the inspector general's findings. Pressed on the issue, he said officials should take a look at changing the law so that more information can be made public.
The story then went on to point out that Blagojevich helped write the law and bragged about its passage. He could have taken the secrecy clause out of the ethics law, but then he wouldn't have his firewall, would he?

Yet, as we mentioned a couple of months ago, Blagojevich's spokespeople had no problem revealing IG information when faced with negative stories from the Sun-Times. So this evening he essentially admitted his administration broke the law back then by disclosing IG reports. Maybe his fearless IG will catch the violation and turn someone in.

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