Sunday, July 2, 2006

Rod caught in pincher movement

The best part of the double pincher movement is that if the defenders turn to engage one flanker the other flanker will be totally unseen and coming in directly behind the defenders.

--from a military website

The beauty of watching the Rod Blagojevich administration being pursued doggedly by the U.S. Attorney's office and the news media is wondering what creative and insincere answer it will come up with next.

It sometimes gets Rod by when the episodes are spaced far enough apart that people don't readily compare the bogus excuses. It's a bit of problem when the attacks are coming daily, like this weekend.

In Saturday's Tribune, which recounts the Patrick Fitzgerald letter describing "endemic" hiring corruption in the Blagojevich, this sentence appears.

Blagojevich has steadfastly denied that (Joe) Cini, the director of the governor's office of intergovernmental affairs, and the others engaged in any wrongdoing.
Then, in today's paper, the Tribune breaks another big story that reveals the contents of a Sept. 9, 2004, Inspector General's report. In it, Blagojevich's former IG said the Cini-led hiring office's "effort reflects not only ignorance of the law, but complete and utter contempt for the law."

Blagojevich said Saturday in response to the IG story that he deals with corruption when it happens.

CHICAGO - Gov. Rod Blagojevich insisted Saturday that misconduct in his administration is limited to isolated events by people who are soon punished, even though his own inspector general found a top Blagojevich aide took part in a "concerted effort" to subvert the law.

"As you police the system, every so often you're going find some people who violate the rules. The test of leadership is what do you do about it? Do you act and do you pursue it? Do you work with other law enforcement agencies to ferret more of it out?" he said. "Those are the things we've been doing."
So, his hiring chief is found to have blatantly and willfully violated the law and he's still working for the state? I think Blagojevich answered his own question: he flunked the test of leadership.

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