Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rod's X-men sued by whistleblower


More trouble for Rod Blagojevich on the hiring front. Associated Press is reporting on a whistleblower lawsuit filed in Springfield against Rod's chief of staff and campaign manager Lon Monk (jogging with Rod above) and others in the administration.

The whistleblower is Maynard Crossland, former head of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency.
A lawsuit filed by Maynard Crossland claims aides to Gov. Rod Blagojevich came to his office in 2003 with a chart with red X's over the names of people the governor wanted to fire. Crossland says he was told the employees should be fired because they were Republicans, even though their jobs were protected from political hiring and firing.
At least you have to give Rod's thugs high marks for clear communication. I wonder if Maynard still has the chart. Would make a nice visual someday soon -- for TV, the feds, or both.

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