Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Studs strikes out

This story probably won't get much coverage because it is a resounding defeat for the ACLU and radical lefty/media darling Studs Terkel.

U.S. District Court Judge Matthew Kennelly, a Clinton-appointee and no conservative, slapped down a lawsuit asking the AT&T be required to disclose whether it participates in a government anti-terrorism program.

Democrats like our own U.S. Senator Dick Durbin tried to suggest there was something wrong that the Bush administration uses phone records to track terrorism. Kennelly, however, said even disclosing whether AT&T participates in the program would be a victory for terrorists.

A federal judge on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit that sought to bar AT&T from giving the government telephone records without warrants, saying it would require disclosures that would "adversely affect our national security."

Judge Matthew F. Kennelly said disclosing whether AT&T had given such records to the supersecret National Security Agency in its hunt for terrorists would violate the government's right to keep state secrets.

"The court is persuaded that requiring AT&T to confirm or deny whether it has disclosed large quantities of telephone records to the federal government could give adversaries of this country valuable insight into the government's intelligence activities," the 40-page opinion said.
Terkel for some reason signed onto this beyond silly lawsuit. Kennelly's decision is further evidence that the liberal left would be a disaster if they were put in charge of national security.

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