Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tom Roeser lets it fly

When he was an occasional newspaper columnist, Tom Roeser sometimes had to shade his thoughts to get his work past an editor. Now with his own blog, he just lets it rip, going after Barack Obama, Eric Zorn and Lynn Sweet today. Very entertaining and well-written. Here is a sample. Read it all.

Note: Zorn, incidentally, is offended that Obama uses generalized religiosity and spiritual imagery in his speeches, evidently believing the world just flew together, piece by minute piece to become, from a sea of atoms, something as complex as humanity, all bits and pieces plopping together on one day with a Great Bang yet with no Designer or First Cause. Obama's references concerns Eric who obviously believes the line between church and state is crossed in this way. Possibly ten gorillas sitting down before ten electric typewriters could, pressing their fingers on the keys, by the barest mathematical probability produce "The Merchant of Venice."
Another writer with a deft touch is Aaron at Free Will, who, in discussing Rod Blagojevich's fudging of AllKids numbers, reminds us of the larger picture.
It should be pointed out that since most state medical assistance programs target the poor, a significant number of people "added" to the plans are likely to be people who have been driven to poverty by Blagojevich's policies. The public would be better served by policies that eliminate the need for 450,000 people to be on government-sponsored health plans.

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