Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Blago's babysitter on crucial panel


"Stay out of the refrigerator, read the story about the big bad wolf to the kids, and vote against the big bad whistleblower next week."

That might be Rod Blagojevich's instructions to his babysitter, Betty Bukraba, who happens to sit on the Civil Service Commission, the panel that will decide a key case in his administration's hiring scandal.

Eric Krol of the Daily Herald revealed Bukraba's status as Rod's babysitter this morning, as he continues to unravel Rod's curious economic interest statements that include mysterious gifts from, among others, Bukraba.

According to my information, Bukraba is a close friends of Marge Mell, Patti Blagojevich's mother and used to babysit Patti years ago. In recent years, she babysat Patti's kids. In 2003, Rod appointed her to the Civil Service Commission, which decides the fate of fired employees seeking to get their jobs back. The position pays about $21,000 a year.

According to Rod's economic interest statements, Rod has received at least $500 in gifts the last two years from Bukraba. Rod's mistress of disinformation, Abby Ottenhoff, explained it this way.

"In an effort to be scrupulous and careful, the first family reported her even though there's a good chance the gifts don't total $500," Ottenhoff said. "They don't ask family friends how much they've spent on gifts for the kids."
The administration continues to refuse to detail the gifts, which total at least $12,000, from a variety of sources, including from Chris Kelly and Tony Rezko, his two top fundraisers who are in the crosshairs of federal prosecutors.

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