Thursday, August 31, 2006

The ghost of Tammy Duckworth


She's out there somewhere.

The only way to find out about one of the candidates in my congressional race is to read Time, or one of the other national publications writing publicity stories about Dem darling Tammy Duckworth, who is taking on Peter Roskam in the 6th Congressional District.

She apparently is more comfortable with the big, bad national media than local newspapers like the Des Plaines Journal & Topics, which is being stiffed by Duckworth as this column by Managing Editor Todd Wessell points out.

Mr. Roskam recently visited the offices of the Journal & Topics Newspapers. He's like a Hyde conservative on most social and economic issues. His visit here---the second---was both cordial and informative and he had no lack of ideas. Duckworth---well---we've never seen her. She hasn't called for an opportunity to speak with readers of the Journal in Des Plaines, Mt. Prospect, Elk Grove and other communities, and our attempt to schedule a meeting so we can hear her views has gone unanswered so far. That fact doesn't say much for a new political candidate who should be pounding the pavement meeting as many people as she can. Election day is only two months away.

What appears likely to unfold between now and election day is that Duckworth's candidacy will be taken over by the stars of the Democratic Party. Individual party leaders like Barack Obama, Dick Durbin, maybe even Hillary or Bill Clinton and those like them, will probably make 11th hour appearances on her behalf. A week ago, First Lady Laura Bush campaigned in the area for Roskam, so he, too, has and will bring out the big guns. But what does that tell the voters about who the candidates are, what they stand for, their character and willingness to work hard or sit back and play the role of congressman?
Roskam has been traveling the district aggressively, meeting people. I've bumped into him several times. Apparently, the Duckworth campaign will hide Tammy somewhere and try to win the race through a mostly helpful media with stories like this. I read this story three times and still can't figure out the group's complaint.

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