Monday, August 7, 2006

Media-battered special prosecutor fights back

The Burge special prosecutor who was sainted and then flogged in the space of a week by the Chicago Tribune is fighting back.

Edward Egan did an interview this evening with CBS-2 Chicago where he unloaded on defense lawyer Flint Taylor, who has been given a free pass by the Tribune and then the Sun-Times to launch far-fetched attacks at Egan's report, which wasn't sufficiently damning to police and prosecutors for both papers' taste.

Egan showed a flair for the soundbite in his interview with Mike Parker.

"Mr. Taylor gets 75 percent of his income from suing policemen and municipalities," Egan said. "I've described him as a legal huckster. His name is G. Flint Taylor and, in my opinion, the 'G' stands for รข€˜Gimme.'"
He wasn't done yet.
"The most dangerous position to be in in the justice system is between Flint Taylor and a television camera," Egan said.
Congratulations to Parker for giving Egan's side of this. Maybe the Trib and Sun-Times will stop allowing Taylor to hijack its news pages.

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