Thursday, August 10, 2006

Obama shows he's just another hack

The news media continues to hail Illinois Senator Barack Obama as a transcendent figure. Today's statement he issued in reaction to the foiled terrorist plot shows he's a run-of-the-mill political hack. Note the part in bold from Obama's statement, which mirrors the statement put out by the Democratic National Committee:

"Today's report that British authorities foiled an attack on airplanes traveling from London to the United States is a sobering reminder that the world remains a very dangerous place. It also reminds us how important it is to have strong allies in this fight that can help stop these attacks before they reach our shores. The cooperation between British and U.S. officials and the subsequent precautions taken to secure our people are admirable. I hope in the coming days we do more to secure our ports, our chemical plants, and our airports and railways, as the 9/11 commission recommended long ago."
Here is the relevant part of today's DNC statement:

...That means tracking down terrorists and providing our troops and agencies with the tools they need to stop future attacks, implementing the 9/11 Commission recommendations to close the gaps in our security, securing our ports and borders, chemical and nuclear power plants and properly equipping our first responders and our national guard....
Obama here is trying to have it both ways -- show that he recognizes terrorism is a serious threat but also toe the party line about ports, in particular. Transcendent figures don't mix sincerity with insincerity.

And what is it with Democrats and our ports? Every chance they get, they wail about our ports being security sieves. If so, why isn't al Qaeda attacking us there? Probably because even the terrorists know Democrats can't be trusted to give a straight answer about national security.

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