Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Public Official A(be)?

Now that Rod Blagojevich has compared himself to Abe Lincoln, the Topinka-Birkett campaign (a client) can see the similarities:
1. Abraham Lincoln preserved the union. Rod Blagojevich preserved the union (Service Employees International Union).

2. We all owe a great debt to Abraham Lincoln's leadership. Because of Rod Blagojevich, our state is in great debt.

3. President Lincoln, for obvious reasons, didn't travel south. Rod Blagojevich, for obvious reasons, doesn't travel south.

4. Abraham Lincoln put Springfield on the map. Rod Blagojevich needs a map to find Springfield.

5. During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln was opposed by a great General, Robert E. Lee. During his tenure in office, Rod Blagojevich is opposed by a great prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald.

6. When he was president, there was no doubt Abraham Lincoln was running the country. Since he has been governor, there is no doubt Rod Blagojevich is running on the streets of the northwest side of Chicago (with the state troopers following behind.)

7. Abraham Lincoln is known for splitting rails. Rod Blagojevich is known for splitting legal fees with trial lawyer Bob Clifford

8. Abraham Lincoln gave us timeless phrases such as "a house divided cannot stand…" and "four score and seven years ago…" Rod Blagojevich has given us timeless phrases such as, "testicular virility" and "I'm not involved in those things."

9. Abraham Lincoln traveled for days across the state to debate important public issues. Rod Blagojevich travels for days across the country to raise money.

10. Lincoln was known as "Honest A-B-E." Rod Blagojevich is known as "Public Official A."

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