Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rod just cost us $510,528.64

A federal judge just ordered the State of Illinois to pay the video game industry $510,528.64 in legal fees for the law that banned violent video game sales to minors.

The court threw out the law and made Illinois pay for the industry's legal costs, an outcome predicted by many people, including Democratic State Senator John Cullerton.

"I am very disappointed that the state of Illinois has to pay these fees for what was such a clearly unconstitutional law from the start," said Senator Cullerton, Illinois 6th District State Senator. "When I spoke against the law in Springfield, I predicted we would have to pay legal fees. The amount ordered paid to the plaintiffs by Judge Kennelly doesn't even count the substantial fees the State will have to pay its own lawyers."
Governor Rod Blagojevich and his lawyers knew the law would be struck down, but went ahead anyway to get the maximum amount of press. I know this issue intimately because former Attorney General Jim Ryan put me in charge of his effort to curb sales of the games to children.

We considered proposing the same legislation but decided not to because we knew the courts would strike it down. Instead, we did stings and got many of the national retail chains to "card" youngsters.

We went for results and Rod went for PR. He doesn't care that taxpayers have to pick up the pieces. That's how he governs.

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