Sunday, September 10, 2006

9/11 and Jack Buck

One of the more poignant moments in the days after Sept. 11 was this poem, written and recited by legendary broadcaster Jack Buck in St. Louis. His hands trembling from disease, Buck pulled some crumpled sheets from his pocket and read the poem, which on its own is no enduring piece of literature. But the raw honesty of a sick man trying to capture the Midwestern mood was priceless and one of hundreds of healing moments seen nationwide. Buck died less than a year later.
"Since this nation was founded ... under God
More than 200 years ago
We have been the bastion of freedom
The light that keeps the free world aglow
We do not covet the possessions of others
We are blessed with the bounty we share.

We have rushed to help other nations
... anything ... anytime ... anywhere.

War is just not our nature
We won't start ... but we will end the fight
If we are involved we shall be resolved
To protect what we know is right.

We have been challenged by a cowardly foe
Who strikes and then hides from our view.

With one voice we say, "There is no choice today,
There is only one thing to do.

Everyone is saying -- the same thing -- and praying
That we end these senseless moments we are living.

As our fathers did before ... we shall win this unwanted war
And our children ... will enjoy the future ... we'll be giving."

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