Thursday, September 21, 2006

Caught in his own web


Rod's slippery answers on the videos below include a fascinating rambling where he tries to suggest that the $1,500 check to Amy Blagojevich was also for the baptism of his other daughter, who was born four months earlier.

The problem with that answer is his campaign and Mike Ascaridis already have said it was a birthday check. And that it was made out not to the younger daughter Annie but to Amy, the seven-year-old (at the time).

Also, there's the troublesome matter of the disclosure form above. This is Rod's original 2003 disclosure form pertaining to gifts. This was filed before he was questioned by the feds and before he amended it to include Mike and Beverly Ascaridis.

Note the reason for the three gifts: "baby/baptism gifts, meals." Those reasons disappeared in the amended forms. So the form above seems to further undercut Rod's newly created argument that the Ascaridis check was for Annie because he specifically spelled out those gifts here and didn't mention the Ascaridises.

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