Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Check around -- no Rod in sight


Mike Flannery asked the question this evening -- where's Rod? It has been 10 days and counting since Rod made an appearance before reporters in the Chicago area.

Why is he ducking? He doesn't want to answer questions about the $1,500 check written to his 7-year-old daughter just a few days after the check writer's wife got a state job under questionable circumstances.

He didn't clear up the confusion on his downstate stealth tour late last week where he purposely avoided notifying most of the media of the trip. He took few questions and those he took, he failed to answer. Here are my questions.

We are in the middle of a governor's race and the news media shouldn't allow him to get away with such blatant hiding. They ought to camp out in front of his NW side house on Thursday. That's the day his babysitter -- the one he appointed to the Civil Service Commission -- won't be able to watch the kids because she is deciding a key case in the massive hiring fraud scandal in his office.

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