Thursday, September 21, 2006

From miles away, liberals try to sway us

UPDATE: Eric Zorn's responds to my post. The response is stronger than the column. I still think he should keep his dangerous views out of my district and I'll keep my rabid opinions out of his.

In this election season if you are a liberal journalist you must do your part in order to stay in the club. You must bash Peter Roskam.

Eric Zorn is trying for a gold membership card with his second column criticizing a congressional candidate in a district far from his own. He has the right of course to write about what he chooses. Yet he pulls out the local card himself while chiding a Roskam mailer that quotes a Nevada newspaper.
First of all, no disrespect to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which I'm sure is a fine paper, but its assessment of various legislative proposals dealing with the controversial issue of immigration reform is hardly the last word, particularly in Illinois.
OK, so what the LasVegas Review says about immigration is not relevant to Illinois, but what Chicago resident Eric Zorn says about my congressional district miles away is relevant?

Read for yourself, but the column contains the weak argument that it is unfair to characterize Duckworth's position on immigration as being in favor of "amnesty." That certainly is a matter of opinion that is widely debated. In the realm of political argument, Roskam's mailer is hardly a stretch.

Zorn had nothing to say about an earlier Duckworth mailer that was flat-out wrong. She accused Roskam of mailing a piece he didn't mail and said he questioned her patriotism when not a word of that mailer came even close to doing so.

I'll just have to get used to outsiders who are keenly interested in who represents me. The "A" list of hard-core Hollywood liberals already have given Duckworth money and they live thousands of miles away. They are backed by the "A" list of Democratic consultants, who live hundreds of miles away in the other direction.

Heck, the candidate doesn't even live in the district. It's nice they all care so much about my well-being.

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