Thursday, September 7, 2006

Non-resident Duckworth mails non-truths


Sixth Congressional candidate Tammy Duckworth already has gone to the Rahm Emanuel school of political fabrication. In her first mailer to my home, she said that state senator Peter Roskam was "lying" and "questioning her patriotism" in an earlier mailer saying her position on illegal immigration amounts to amnesty.

First, Peter Roskam didn't mail the piece she was referring to. The House Republican Congressional Committee did.

Second, I've read the piece three times and it doesn't come close to questioning her patriotism and many reasonable people believe her position does constitute amnesty.

Hmmmm. She doesn't live in my district. She is funded mostly from California and New York. Her first mail piece falsely accuses my state senator of lying, mailing a piece he didn't mail, and questioning her patriotism. Just the type of person I want representing me in Congress.

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