Tuesday, September 19, 2006

RealClear success story


Once upon a time, I lived in a rural part of Illinois where dairy farmers arose before dawn every day (no weekends or holidays off) to tend to their work.
Reflecting that same work ethic are Tom Bevan and John McIntyre who tend not to cows but to political news. Before the sun comes up they take the news as it is born and put it on realclearpolitics.com, a website that has become a must-read for hundreds of thousands of political junkies across America. And they write insightful commentary and appear on politicial shows, as well.

Bevan and McIntyre formed RealClearPolitics in 2000 and in the past year or so the site has begun to soar to new heights with a new sponsor and new partnerships, like the ones announced this week with Fox News and Time.

I met both of them in Washington a couple of years ago. Both are savvy, gentlemenly and wickedly smart. They have taken an idea and nurtured it into one of the most indispensible stops for politicos on the internet and have figured out how to make money at it. The Sun-Times technology page profiled both the other day.

McIntyre, 37, of Evanston, and Bevan, 36, of Lincoln Park, founded RealClearPolitics in 2000 as an online water cooler of opinion, news, polls and political analysis aimed at political junkies, policy wonks and politicians of all stripes. The site has become the daily stop for many political fans, including the nation's top political columnists.

Bevan, a history major, and McIntyre, an economics major, first met as undergrads at Princeton University in the early 1990s, but didn't really get to know each other until the late 1990s when they became roommates in Chicago. McIntyre was a trader at the Chicago Board Options Exchange, while Bevan was a strategist with ad agency Leo Burnett.
We need all the Midwestern voices possible on the national political scene. Here's to their continued success.

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