Sunday, October 22, 2006

Being a plodder has its advantages


I see that the Chicago Marathon winner took a nasty spill at the finish line. At least I saw it on the news and not at the race, where I was at about mile 14 when this occurred.

To take a spill like that, a runner has to be generating sufficient speed to upend his self. My first steps on that red mat today nearly two hours later were akin to a car inching into a parking space and stopping.

I once was a well above average runner, finishing in the top 150 in the Shamrock Shuffle. But these days, not so much. Since I began running the Chicago Marathon four years ago, my times are trending the wrong way: 3:54, 4:03, DNF because of a pulled hamstring, 4:12 today.

Marathon Pundit can break 4 hours in his sleep and he's run dozens of 26.2 mile races. I don't know how long he's going to keep doing it, but I'm reassessing my future in this sport. Those last 7 miles are very painful, even without the finish line crack on the head.

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