Friday, October 6, 2006

Senator Slime

Our very own partisan hack Senator, Dick Durbin, is one of the country's most reliable cheap shot artists. Here's the latest from Senator Slime:

"The fact of the matter is at the highest levels of the leadership in the House of Representatives they have known for months that something awful was happening," Durbin said. "What they did was to try to contain it or cover it up. They tried to protect themselves instead of trying to protect these pages, and now is the day of reckoning."
Instead of a measured response, recognizing that not all the facts are known, Durbin let it fly. He's trying to help uber liberal Nancy Pelosi at the expense of a good person, John Shimkus. Someone should ask Durbin if he's ever once taken a courageous stand against his own party.

The answer is no. Illinois might as well have Nancy Pelosi has its senior senator.

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