Monday, November 6, 2006

What to expect in DuPage County

Because it is likely that DuPage County returns will be pivotal in the 6th District race for Congress between Republican Peter Roskam and Democrat Tammy Duckworth, expect a lot of shouting and screaming if Roskam wins.

That's because a group that calls itself non-partisan but is run by partisan Democrats has already been laying the groundwork for a cry of vote fraud. I wrote about this group previously and took the Tribune to task for sanitizing the group's partisanship.

Overall, the Illinois Ballot Integrity Project pines for the good old days when Democrats could steal elections at will. I heard an official for the group say on WBBM's At Issue recently that he would prefer old-fashioned paper ballots. Despite the massive vote fraud problems in the city of Chicago and indictments in the East St. Louis area for vote fraud, one-half of the articles posted on this group's website are focused on DuPage County. It's curious that the group is targeting the county with the most spotless record of running elections, that, oh, happens to be the center of Republican power in the state.

Anyway, here's what the group thinks about the election ahead. This is posted on its website.

The next regular open meeting will be Wednesday, November 15th at the Goose Island Brew Pub, 7-9 pm. We'll start sorting through the November 7th "train wreck" nationally and here in Illinois, assessing how electronic voting machines impacted the election and what immediate steps we can begin to work toward pulling the plug in 2007 and beyond. Bring a friend or neighbor who's interested in helping fix the many problems to IBIP.
In other words, the election will be screwed up no matter what the results. How convenient for those looking for a built-in excuse for results that don't go their way.

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