Sunday, January 14, 2007

60 Minutes surprise

I long ago stopped watching 60 Minutes. Its liberal melodrama disguised as journalism was too maddening.

This evening, while watching the end of the New England-San Diego playoff game, I decided to stay put after a teaser said 60 Minutes had an exclusive interview with President Bush and a piece featuring the parents of the Duke lacrosse players accused of sexual assault.

I was pleasantly surprised by Scott Pelley's interview with GWB. He asked the obligatory liberal mantra questions about WMD, etc., but did so in a respectful, not snarky way. He also got access to the president just moments after he talked to families of fallen soldiers. The White House should continue to allow the president to do these kinds of interviews. He's very effective and human. A much better setting for him than formal addresses.

And it was a good interview for CBS. Tough questions were asked and answered. For my money, Pelley would have been a far superior choice than Katie Couric for evening anchor.

Then, the next segment was sympathetic to the families of the boys accused in the Duke rape case. This goes against the grain for CBS — a prosecutorial injustice story where the victims are well-to-do white families instead of minority families. Of course it has taken the national media many months to finally jump on board a case that appears to have been completely without merit from the start.

At least on this Sunday, 60 Minutes seemed like a fair and balanced newsmagazine.

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