Sunday, January 21, 2007

'Experts are Idiots'

Unintentionally, ESPN has been helping teams win championships with its incredibly inept prognosticating. In the just completed major league playoffs and World Series, ESPN "experts" were wrong 37 of 39 times picking three playoff rounds involving the St. Louis Cardinals.

Then, this week, all eight ESPN experts picked the New Orleans Saints to beat the Chicago Bears. All eight were wrong, of course.

That means in 45 of 47 games or series' I was following closely, the ESPN experts got it wrong.

That should tell people a little bit about the worth of "conventional wisdom."

Both the Cardinals and Bears players said afterwards they used the ESPN picks as extra incentive to win their championships. Someone at the World Series waved a memorable sign that read, "Experts are Idiots." Who can argue?

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