Sunday, January 14, 2007

A good man in Washington

The state of the Redskins is almost as important to Washingtonians as the state of our nation. There's lots of hand-wringing these days over the decline of the 'Skins this year, particularly the defense.

Defense guru Gregg Williams is getting lots of the abuse. Redskins' fans ought to lay off — they are lucky to have him. Years ago, I played baseball in college with Williams and I can tell you he's a born leader. He's smart and demanding, even prickly, but dead serious about producing positive results and the first person to congratulate someone who performs well.

Long considered one of the best defense minds in pro football, the former Buffalo Bills head coach will be a big winner next time around. The only question is whether it'll be for the Washington Redskins. I'd like to see him on the sidelines for the Bears some day if the 'Skins are dumb enough to let him slip away.

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