Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Illinois Dems contradict each other

Predictably, our partisan hack U.S. Senator Dick Durbin trashed the unambiguously vibrant national economy on the occasion of President Bush's visit this morning to Peoria. He said the misery was being felt in Illinois.
"If you want to know the real state of the economy, don't sit down and talk to the economists," Durbin said. "Talk to the real working families of Illinois and across America who are struggling each day to make ends meet, going deeper in debt on their credit cards bills and wondering if their kids will have as good a chance in the America to come," Durbin said.
However, just a few weeks ago at the time of his inauguration, a man Durbin supports, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, said in a press release the Illinois economy was doing well.

And in his continued effort to improve life for Illinois working families, the Governor has made great strides. 150,000 new jobs have been created over the past three years, giving Illinois the best record in the Midwest and the lowest unemployment rate in state history.
The truth is that the U.S. economy has been in a sustained period of growth and prosperity since 2003 and that Illinois has lagged behind other Midwestern states because of the anti-business policies of Rod Blagojevich. We've already documented here how the Blagojevich administration has for months been disingenuously using raw numbers of new jobs to tout state performance when any high school statistics student could tell you percentages should be used.

The new Democratic congressman from Rock Island, Phil Hare, didn't get the memo. Here's what he said today about the President's visit to Illinois.

"Districts like mine in western Illinois have been disproportionately affected by the president's ill-advised economic agenda," said Hare. "The latest statistics from the Department of Labor show that Illinois ranks 49th in the nation in terms of job growth and economic recovery since 2003."
It would be nice if the news media would ask the Dems to sort out the confusion.

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