Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Media ignores Clinton's document burglar

Sandy Berger W Clinton
While journalists were debating the merits of Barack Obama's fitness level, important new findings were made involving the theft of crucial documents related to the 9/11 commission.

In essence, a new report from a House oversight committee says that former Clinton national security advisor Sandy Berger's stunning theft of documents from the National Archives was much more sinister than (barely) reported by our intrepid national media.

"My staff's investigation reveals that President Clinton's former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger compromised national security much more than originally disclosed," (Tom) Davis said. "It is now also clear that Mr. Berger was willing to go to extraordinary lengths to compromise national security, apparently for his own convenience.
Contrary to prior "reporting," Berger may have destroyed original highly classified documents, not just copies of originals.

Just about every press report on this matter has relied on statements from Berger and his spokespeople — statements that were mostly lies. The news media never exposed any of this because it collectively was not interested in a story that didn't bash Bush and, indirectly, helped him because it unmasked the Clinton's administration's softness on terrorism.

There, that rant out of the way, we can get back to Barack's pecs.

After all, I'm sure the MSM years from now would similarly yawn if it became known that Condi Rice was stuffing after-action reports in her bra.

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