Thursday, January 4, 2007

Nothing to apologize for

ArchPundit is missing the mark badly in his criticism of conservative bloggers and their attack on AP over its Iraq reporting.

Arch is premature in saying the bloggers ought to apologize because AP is now reporting that its mysterious source named Jamil Hussein does indeed exist.

Even if he does, it doesn't mean that Hussein was accurate in his portrayal of some 61 spectacular events in Iraq that AP has attributed to him. The most prominent of those events was an alleged burning alive of six Sunnis at a mosque that nobody else seems to know anything about.

There have been countless major distortions of the truth by the media in its Iraq war reporting. It has been crystal clear for some time that the MSM is aggressively opposed to the war and will highlight all that is bad in Iraq and downplay all that is good.

As I sit in the comfort of my den I surely can't tell Arch or anyone whether the six Sunnis were indeed spectacularly burned alive. I can tell that the reporting, in aggregate, is tilted. I am glad there's a skeptical blagosphere to question the questionable reporting.

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