Monday, January 22, 2007

Right out of the box, Hillary lies to America


Because it's been six years since Bill Clinton was in office, I was not mentally calibrated for the stone cold lying that characterized the Clinton years.

Hillary shocked me back to the future with her performance this evening on national television.

First a spokesman on MSNBC's Hardball and then Hillary herself in a taped excerpt from an NBC interview with Brian Williams said that her decision to announce her exploratory candidacy for the president hastily this Saturday had nothing to do with Barack Obama's announcement a few days prior. It had already been planned for Saturday, both Hillary and her spokesman said.

Brian Williams: This is not exactly how or when you planned to announce this. How else are you going to have to adjust to counter the presence of this Obama campaign, which is a surprise?

Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y.: Well, you know, Brian, this is exactly how I intended to do this. Once I made up my mind that I was going to contest for the presidential nomination of my party, I wanted to do it on the Web, I wanted to do it before the president's State of the Union, because I wanted to draw the contrast between what we've seen, over the last six years, and the kind of leadership and experience that I would bring to the office.

Williams: So you had always planned to announce before the president's State of the Union address?

Clinton: That was our plan, yes.
There's no way that Hillary wanted to enter the fray this early. Even the liberal panelists on Hardball didn't buy that one.

Her first major round of interviews and a flat-out lie. Ah, it's all coming back to me now.

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