Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Barack: POW opinions a 'fraud'


Barack Obama
apparently believes that these patriots, who were wounded, imprisoned and tortured by our enemies during the Vietnam War, should not have been able to voice their opinion in the last presidential election.
Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), who was chairing the meeting, told Fox that he found his answers to Kerry "somewhat unsatisfying" and said that "The swift boat ads were of a different degree, even in the ugly arena of politics. They were extraordinarily well publicized, that there was essentially a fraud being perpetrated on the American people. It had a profound impact on the election."
Obama made these remarks yesterday at the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing of Sam Fox, a Republican, who is the nominee for Ambassador to Belgium. Fox gave the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth $50,000 in 2004.

I'd like to know what part of the ad, which was the centerpiece of the campaign, he finds fraudulent?

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