Monday, February 19, 2007

Questionable hit on Obama

It seems with Barack Obama, the MSM can't modulate itself. It either embarrasses itself with fawning that would make Bambi blush or it tries too hard to show it is balanced by launching a questionable attack.

The Los Angeles Times today published an incredibly weak hit on Obama. It sets up the premise that he took too much credit in his autobiography for his community activism at a Chicago housing project when he was 24 years old. It quotes a disgruntled woman and Obama's former opponent for Congress, Bobby Rush.

Rush, the article admits, hasn't even read Obama's book. And other activists at the time say this:

No one disputes that Obama was active in organizing Altgeld residents. Several who worked directly with him say that he was the most effective organizer they had seen รข€” a surprise, given his youth. "He was our motivator" said Callie Smith, now 50, who was active in Obama's group. "We did all the work, but he was our inspiration."
A cynic would suggest that the Times knows the attack is weak and in some ways makes Obama look good. It gives the paper license to resume its fawning campaign. I'm trying not to be cynical on a Monday, but other explanations for this are escaping me.

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