Monday, February 19, 2007

What's with Barack's logo?


To the acclaim of many, Barack Obama's campaign unveiled his new age round logo a couple of weeks ago. To me, it looked like a symbol more befitting a United Nations (logo at right) committee. Or one for a new piece of software.

However, to be fair, before criticizing it I waited to make sure I wasn't misjuding the orb. Perhaps what it lacked in political punch could be forgiven if it had special powers like hovering over the planet emitting cosmic peace rays. It doesn't and now I'll be heard—the logo is way too worldly and, well, weak.

Considering that many voters ultimately might reject Obama because they believe he is not tough enough to handle a war on terror, is an Oprah like logo the way to go?

There's a reason we haven't seen many round political logos over the years.

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