Thursday, March 22, 2007


Some people are giving this reporter a hard time for wrongly reporting for a few minutes that John Edwards was suspending his campaign for president because of his wife's cancer news.

He corrected his mistake promptly and no harm was done. Unlike virtually the entire MSM, which may be falsely reporting that man is the prime cause of global warming. That reporting, unlike the Politico's, has consequences, like remaking our entire economy.

The free market doesn't much care about the science. It understands there is a runaway train called global warming. Entrepreneurs are rushing to fill the stations down the track so they can collect a bounty. Oddly, despite Al Gore's overall socialistic approach to the problem, he is unleashing a torrent of capitalism.

Take our very own Chicago Climate Exchange, which is being described as the world's second largest "carbon offset" trading market. I don't pretend to understand all the CCX is doing, but it looks like a bustling business.

The state of Illinois, without any discussion, entered into an arrangement with the CCX recently. Among other things, the state appears to be enlisting farmers to perform conservation type activities as offsets for big carbon users, like Al Gore. To bridge the gap, the state appears to have hired another entity, the Delta Institute, to "aggregate" this rural offset activity.

All this, of course, requires big public relations firms. PR behemoth Edelman appears to be representing Chicago Climate Exchange. Curiously, at the same time, Edelman is representing the American Petroleum Institute. Looks like a conflict to me, but I'm sure the firm will say this just shows we're all in this great green crusade together.

I'm not trying to pick on these firms. They are just a few I found within a few minutes of research. The complex web that Al Gore is spinning is many times larger and growing exponentially every day. Without or without the science.

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