Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Swamp gas from the Tribune

You don't see as much news from Iraq these days except from the halls of Congress, as the Democrats fight among themselves on a surrender plan.

To occupy their time while there is at least a temporary decline in violence in Iraq and thus no fodder for a political agenda, the MSM is doing its best to make the thin pickings of the U.S. Attorney story a manufactured scandal like the Joe Wilson-Scooter Libby case.

Back in the Swamp, Chicago Tribune "gunners" are covering the MSM flank with a steady flow of anti-war cover fire. Here are the last four Iraq headlines in my RSS reader from the Swamp, the Tribune's Washington Bureau blog.
Analyst paints bleak Iraq picture

Confidence in Iraq victory waning

Obama: 'Last, best hope to end war'

War-critic Hagel ready to rock GOP?
That last one is a beauty. Chuck Hagel could wear a Ronald Reagan mask the rest of 2007 and he'd still be lucky to get 5 percent support among Republicans.

I've been looking at the news, too, and it's funny I see stories and items like this, this and this that suggest violence is decreasing in Iraq and there are early signs that the surge is working. But why cover the actual battleground when you can give voice to an anti-war critic, pull the worst parts out of a poll, or falsely elevate the least popular Republican on the planet?

We can all pick and choose what we read and highlight, indicating the Swampsters are only looking for one kind of Iraq news—bad. As far as the Swamp is concerned, those troops who are fighting and possibly turning the tide in Iraq don't exist. They probably would be surprised that at the end of a long day securing a few more key neighborhoods that instead of reading about what just happened, they are treated to MSM coverage like at the Swamp, where an analyst has already declared the war lost and a junior senator is proclaiming that all news from Iraq is bad.

From the Swamp, all news from Iraq is bad. Maybe that's why Obama felt so confident making such a remark in the midst of battles we are winning.

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