Friday, June 22, 2007

The forbidden Obama memos, part I

Because Barack Obama has tied himself in knots trying to proclaim he's above distributing "negative research" on his opponents in the Democratic primary for president like the Hillary-Punjab memo, we'll help him out.

Here's a memo for the news media his staff COULD have sitting in the computer, waiting to be mass emailed.

TO: News Media

FROM: Barack Obama campaign

RE: Hillary Clinton (D-Grope, Fleece)

This isn't complicated, ladies and gentleman. When Barack says he's different from Hillary, he means it. There is a stunning example, right in his own state.

When Barack learned a company he had taken money from, International Profit Associates, suburban Buffalo Grove, was run by a convicted criminal, was being sued by the federal government for massive sexual harassment, and was under investigation for fraud by the state Attorney General, and awash in other fraud complaints, he returned the $2,000 immediately.

Even Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, whose entire fundraising operation is under federal investigation, returned the IPA money.

Hillary, meanwhile, not only refused to return the $150,000 plus she collected from IPA executives and even in one case their high school kid, she continues to take money from IPA's lawyer.

The pending federal lawsuit alleges that more than 100 women were sexually harassed and 40 of them sexually assaulted. A federal lawyer called it the most egregious case ever filed in Chicago by the EEOC. Yet while this lawsuit was pending and the allegations public, Hillary decided to take an IPA corporate jet for political purposes. Not that we have to connect dots on this part, but Bill Clinton spoke at an IPA company event and praised the accused founder of the company and key subject of the sexual harassment allegations.

Oh, and John Edwards took $6,000 of IPA money — good for 15 haircuts — and apparently has followed Hillary's lead in keeping the tainted money.

There's more. Much more. This is a start. (Hopefully we'll be able to tell you about other differences between Barack and Hillary if our candidate doesn't muzzle us).
Barack does have a case to make about his campaign behavior compared to the other Democratic candidates. It's a story that is not being told because of Obama's misguided campaign tactics.

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