Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Governor stays home, plays catch

While the Illinois General Assembly continues to struggle in overtime to come up with a state budget, the governor, according to this unconfirmed blog posting, was playing catch outside his NW side house.
I totally saw Gov. Blagojevich today. He lives about a block from where I work, and he was playing ball with a couple of kids in his yard. It's easy to tell where he lives, though, as there are always about 5 black unmarked police cars parked around it with secret service guys giving you mean looks. Once I walked past it and was followed for a few blocks because I was lingering around for too long. I learned to walk past it and not to look any of them in the eye. They're seriously scary. I wanted to wave to the guv but I didn't want to attract the scary mens' attention.
This is just a few days after the governor's spokeswoman scolded the General Assembly for not working hard enough.

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