Sunday, June 17, 2007

Jolie embraces CAIR

Psycho actress Angelina Jolie is embracing the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group that even Dick Durbin steers clear of. John Ruberry has written about CAIR often.

Little Green Footballs has the Jolie story.

Left-wing actress Angelina Jolie has refused to allow Fox News in on her press coverage. But in one of the more unsavory and perverted travesties to come out of Hollywood in recent memory, her new film on the Islamist murder of Daniel Pearl will be screened next Thursday in Los Angeles—in an event sponsored by unindicted Hamas co-conspirators CAIR, and supported by Cafe Intifada and several other far-left groups.

It's another appalling example of the leftist-Islamist convergence, and an incredible dishonor to Pearl's memory. And from all appearances, the film is a "progressive" disaster; they've apparently turned the story of Pearl's brutal beheading at the hands of Islamic terrorists into a moonbat parable on "global truth and understanding."
All that's missing is a global warming angle.

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