Friday, June 8, 2007

Obama impaled by own sword

As we've mentioned here before, Barack Obama's pronouncement that he is above politics as usual is ending up a disaster. He's raised the bar on himself with the press and the resulting bad stories are destroying any benefit he gained by pledging to be cleaner than his opponents.

The Chicago Tribune started asking questions about a couple of individuals mentioned in the Tony Rezko indictment, and Obama immediately declared he was donating $16,500 in donations from the men to charity, the Trib reported this morning.

The two contributors whose money is being turned away from the Obama campaign have not been charged with any crimes, but both businessmen have been linked to Rezko deals that are the subject of federal indictments. The campaign announced the actions following inquiries by the Tribune about the contributions.

Federal prosecutors describe both men -- without identifying them by name -- in court papers outlining charges against Rezko. The Tribune confirmed their identities through sources familiar with the ongoing federal corruption probe. Civil suits over the same transactions also identify them by name. Both are well-known business leaders.
Meanwhile, his main opponent, Hillary Clinton, merrily keeps more than $150,000 from a company that is a hotbed of alleged fraud, headed by a convicted criminal and other men accused by the U.S. government of rampant sexual harassment.

And that same company's lawyer, Myron "Mike" Cherry, is similarly mentioned in the Rezko indictment and Hillary shows no signs she will give money back from him.

Obama needs to wake up and start pointing out where his opponent is getting her money or he'll face more mornings like this one.

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