Monday, July 9, 2007

The ghosts of al Qaeda

Liberals love to spin the fantasy that the NY Times and other news media failed to properly scrutinize the case for war before the U.S. invaded Iraq. Had the news media been tougher on George W. Bush, we wouldn't have gone to war, the argument goes.

In reality, the press was actually close to neutral prior to the war. Once the war started, the press has relentlessly hailed every failure and ignored nearly every success in its never-ending quest to relive Vietnam in all its non-glory.

It is now that the national press is really failing. The MSM is so fully invested in our retreat and defeat there's no turning back. Media outlets are stretching the truth so blatantly they are further eroding what little trust the American people still hold in them.

Power Line's stunning takedown of the New York Times public editor should be read and digested by every American. In essence, the paper is acting as an al Qaeda denier. Any news that shows we are fighting al Qaeda in Iraq is an inconvenient truth for the Times, so therefore it denies it. The paper is so arrogant it doesn't feel it has to make even a normal effort to check its facts. John Hinderaker catches the sloppiness red-handed.

Then, every American ought to read brilliant war correspondent Michael Yon's latest dispatch from Iraq, where he describes in chilling detail the true nature of our enemy, the one the NY Times doesn't want you to know about.

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