Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pete Hegseth vs. John Kerry

When I watched television the other night and saw Iraqi war vet Pete Hegseth, I thought of John Kerry.

Kerry served his country in Vietnam and then came back to a nation divided by the war. He made the decision to trash our troops. He spoke before Congress and was regaled by the news media, which was siding with the anti-war movement. Surely the young John Kerry made a calculation at the time that he could instantly be somebody by taking the route he chose. The downside of his decision is that he left behind a cadre of his brothers who never forgave him for selling them out. They were the Swift Boat Veterans, who sunk his candidacy for president.

Pete Hegseth is a courageous and smart patriot. Princeton educated, he chucked a great Wall Street job to fight in Iraq. Back in America, he could be an instant hero on TV by criticizing the war. Instead, he is standing up everywhere and defending it, saying we must succeed to protect our long-term national security interests. He makes it on TV, but hardly as a hero. I watched the other night as MSNBC's Chris Matthews interrupted him and generally treated him as a semi-criminal. Of course, Hegseth deserves our gratitude instead of our scorn, and it tells you all you need to know about the MSM that it treats Cindy Sheehan better than it treats men and women like Hegseth.

Kerry came back from Vietnam and took the easy road of sure approval. Hegseth is taking a tougher route, swimming against the tide of public opinion. A hero is defined by acts of courage. Pete Hegseth showed his courage in Iraq and he's showing it as executive director of the Vets for Freedom. Even though the news media is not on his side, there's one consolation: If he ever runs for public office, he won't have to look over his shoulder for a band of angry brothers filming a negative TV ad.

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