Friday, November 30, 2007

More on "Governor for a Day"

The Illinois Republican Party cleverly started a "Governor for a Day" contest to keep the spotlight shined on Rod "Skates" Blagojevich's public relations gem of attending a pro hockey game while legislators were in Springfield trying to rescue his failed state budget.

The winner of Governor for a Day will begin the day at the hour of their choice. From then, they will be ushered to a salon for a haircut and massage. Following their time at the salon they will be treated to a first-class lunch which will be followed by a tour of the City of Chicago including visits to the Sears Tower and other Chicago landmarks. Ensuring they are treated just like our current governor, the winners will end their day by attending a Chicago Blackhawk's game.
These additional agenda haven't been approved yet by the State Party:

A quick trip to federal prison in Wisconsin to scout the back-door entrance route to avoid the media.

A trip to the mailbox to open a new real estate commission check. Experience the Secret Santa like excitement Rod and Patti must feel not having any idea who the check is from or what it is for!

A special visit by a friend bearing a $1,500 birthday check to your child. This also will be a surprise because that friend never brought such a gift before!

A mystery subpoena!

A special visit by your closest friends where you play an exciting new game. You sit around a table and ask a series of questions before guessing who is wearing a wire! (An advanced way to play is to turn the heat up in your house to 90 degrees and wait to see whose chest sparks first).

I hope the State Party spices up their promotion with these additions, eh, Lance?

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