Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ohio's tool

I've already reported that Democratic state Attorneys General are not quite the same "consumer crusaders" when a company plops down $50,000 in their 527 political action committee.

When researching this, I read a few articles about Ohio's new Democratic Attorney General, Marc Dann. When it comes to partisanship, he puts New York's Eliot Spitzer to shame. Dann was raising money for the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA), the political 527 committee, before he was elected AG. One of his first actions as AG was to sue those nefarious public villians, charter schools, in an obvious suck-up to teachers unions.

I'm trying to figure out who Dann hasn't sued since he took office, other than International Profit Associates, the high-pressure consulting company riddled with fraud allegations that gave DAGA the $50,000.

Oh, and he's a hothead and possible religious bigot. He was caught on tape recently cursing a reporter and intercepted emails show he doesn't appear to have much respect for Christians.

Ohio has this guy at least another three years. I wonder if residents are starting to realize there is no chance they can expect straightforward, non-partisan law enforcement from their chief legal officer during that time?

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