Wednesday, November 7, 2007

When America wins, Democrats lose

Michael Yon, the journalist I trust most in Iraq, was interviewed at length the other day by Hugh Hewitt and makes the following observation:

HH: Is it fair to say that the good guys are winning decisively?

MY: Very fair at this point. If you would have said that back in February, I would have had to say absolutely not. But right now, it's very fair, and I believe, accurate.
Yon, as I've pointed out before, is far from an administration shill. He was the first person to say Iraq had turned into a civil war a couple of years ago. He now is more optimistic than he ever has been.

This would be very bad news for Democrats if the MSM highlighted their statements about how all is lost in Iraq. Because that won't happen, Republicans will have to force the message out through new media and 527s.

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