Thursday, December 6, 2007

"I think you are evil and not very bright"

Those are the words this morning in the Miami Herald of our own Democratic mega-fundraiser and lawyer Myron "Mike" Cherry, defending his long-time client, the highly controversial business consulting firm International Profit Associates, based in suburban Chicago.

IPA's lawyer declined to comment for this story, saying The Miami Herald's previous coverage of the issue had been an unfair ``hatchet job.''

''I think you are evil and not very bright,'' IPA lawyer Myron ''Mike'' Cherry said.
The Herald was doing what the Illinois media strangely is largely declining to doĆ¢€”cover the huge story of fraud, politics and sex at IPA. The Herald wrote a story about a significant federal ruling this week that in essence certifies the federal racketeering case against IPA on behalf of 40 small business owners/victims as a legitimate nationwide conspiracy allegation.

Cherry is also known in these parts as "Individual H" in the indictment of Chicago businessman Tony Rezko. That moniker is explained here.

The Herald's original story that Cherry describes as a hatchet job simply chronicled complaints against IPA by small business owners across South Florida. The reporter didn't even mention the looming sexual harassment lawsuit against IPA or all the political donations.

But after Cherry's comments, in this new story, the reporter added the sexual harassment background. Effective PR tactic, Myron. Who is not very bright?

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